Cathy Haynes is documenting objects throughout the ages that shape our sense of time. A Storm is Blowing originated when she was the Timekeeper-In-Residence at the University College London’s fascinating and delightful Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Her launch piece captured my attention and challenged my notion of time as linear (a relatively modern concept, it turns out).

In this interview, she interviews Ben Hammersley and I about the way a very modern object, Facebook, reinforces and determines our concept of self-through-time, and how it could be different. From her intro:

[they muse on] how search engines mask the temporal dimension of identity and to what extent Facebook’s social dynamics differ from the playground, through to the prospect of what a social media life-map would look like if designed by quantum computing “where there really is no concept of time”.

Love it.

I have interviewed Cathy about time and what we can learn about in telling engaging stories by  thinking about it more abstractly for the Analog Lessons from Masters of the Senses project, and the interview is forthcoming there.

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