The web allows us to see ourselves writ large…and that causes discomfort if it exposes things we’re not happy to see.

In this interview with me for The Frankfurt Book Fair Blog, I go off piste from Untangling the Web: What the Internet is Doing to You and talk about the future of publishing. There’s a healthy emphasis on the sentiment of the quote above. Here’s an extract: 

Has the web with its open publishing tools enabled us to return to the original form of human storytelling with stories being changed as they are passed on instead of being transfixed for all times in print?

The superfan community is an engaging and exciting feature of our existing communities that have been exposed by the web. There were already fan clubs and writing groups who continued storytelling from an author’s starting point, but now there’s a global group of like minds who come together to continue the tale. The online space is a continuation of the collaborative storytelling experience, but with a networked edge that both connects people from elsewhere, quickly, and then produces artefacts for the next generation of people to continue to engage with, long after the original article’s author(s) have moved on. The story has always been a social construct, released by an author (or authors) to the community. This is just making it visible.

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